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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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E central theme of our epoch is that of
all history—the fate of man. What is taking
place in the world to-day is not a crisis of human-
ism (that is a topic of secondary importance), but
the crisis of humanity. We face the question,
is that being to whom the future belongs to be
called man, as previously, or something other?
We are witnessing the process of dehumanmtion
in all phases of culture and of social life. Above
all, moral consciousness is being dehumanized.
Man has ceased to be the supreme value: he
has ceased to have any value at all. The youth
of the whole world, communist, fascist, national-
socialist or those simply carried away by technics
or sport—this youth is not only anti-humanistic
in its attitudes, but often anti-human. Does this
mean that we should defend the old humanism
against to-day's youth ? In many of my books
I have called attention to the crisis in humanism,
and tried to show that it inevitably develops
into anti-humanism and that its final stage is a